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Jim Ingram
Apr 26, 2021
In S.O.D. Forums
S.O.D. group; Just want to clarify a few things so that we can have a clear understanding of elite players. Veoz is an elite player and my son, he has played first person shooter games since he was 4 a total of 19 years. Elite players get confused with hackers/cheaters, Veoz does not cheat nor hack, has no other equipment than a keyboard and mouse. I have had the luxury to watch him play over the years, to see what he sees and to understand his skillset, something I do not have, skills and youth. To classify players into groups would be elite players, good players, average players and beginners. With that said UNC is a beginner since he had not played in 25 years thus 99% of the time he is at the bottom, he’s ok with that and continues to play for that 1% to be on top for that round REX, Slobber and Osiris are all average players, mostly middle pack with occasional round win’s that keep us playing. Lotus, is just barely a good player put gets the most win’s, since Veoz starting playing it showed that he is not a good player just average. He is only somewhat good against us. Veoz live streamed himself to prove there was nothing going on other than elite play. We all heard the remarks and day in and day out on every shot he made, no way, BS, oh that is bull on so on. Veoz had made a comment to me the day that you were watching his live stream they’re going to ban me. I said no doubt we have been down this road before. Funny thing is you don’t ban Lotus? Isn’t he cheating, hacking since he is always in first place? For that matter anyone whom consistently is first on every round, how it that possible? Cheating/hacking? Or just maybe he is just merely a good or elite player. I bet whenever you have clan wars you wish Veoz was on your team. Don’t lie we all know you would. Understand spectating someone does not work, I know I was an admin for many years, it’s impossible to see what the other player sees. You will not have the same refresh rate, ping, latency etc. We all know unless you are standing behind him is the only way to see what he sees, but I also know it’s hard for us average players to accept that there could be someone better than us. I told him early not to use his normal loadout and to use something to give us a chance like a pistol or knife, I see now that was a mistake as it just showed us all of his skills were far superior than ours. Enough said, you don’t want him in your server so effectively he’s ban for being an elite player, I get it, so just like you have control on who plays and who stays so do the players, we choose what server to play in, whom we want to be associate with and so on. Sorry I won’t be part of this, I failed my son with F4H I won’t let it happen again, I’m out good luck in building your server. {F4H}Slobber.

Jim Ingram

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